Vision(s) for the future

If I could “pin” moments in my life like one can pin stuff in Pinterest, I would have pinned a good chunk of yesterday. A week or so ago, through Facebook comments, I ended up with an invite to visit old friends. I went to high school with K, and we have remained friends throughout … Continue

random randomness

i am fascinated by all of this “Pope business,” and by the ritual, pomp and circumstance surrounding the Catholic Church. my mom said tonight, “over the next couple of weeks you’re probably going to learn more about the Catholic Church than you ever wanted to know.” personally, i think that’s awesome. no! i’m not saying … Continue


my hanukkah memories are pretty vague. i remember potato latkes at grandma’s apartment. i remember grandpa and horseradish. or maybe that was passover. i know grandma made brisket and soup and there were lots of old dill pickles. i think. that’s the problem. my family always got together for the holidays, but we never celebrated … Continue