my hanukkah memories are pretty vague. i remember potato latkes at grandma’s apartment. i remember grandpa and horseradish. or maybe that was passover. i know grandma made brisket and soup and there were lots of old dill pickles. i think. that’s the problem. my family always got together for the holidays, but we never celebrated … Continue


i was feeling all nostalgic tonight, as i drove to taco bell to pick up something for dinner around 11:30pm. things i miss about college: pizza places open and delivering after 11pm pixie candy and pop machines in the lobby slurpees were an acceptable form of nutrition there always was someone up for a trip … Continue

of the North!

i have this bizarre habit of reading death notices and obituaries. i’ve done this for years. no real reason why, other than pure fascination and gossip fodder. tonight as i was reading them, i realized that so many people’s names are boring. generic. easy to blend into a crowd of other boring names. i never … Continue

fancy feast?

today’s library weirdness: patron returned three books this afternoon that were very stinky and covered in a gel-like substance. i knew the smell, but couldn’t place it (and no it wasn’t that). i approached the patron so that i could inform him that he was going to be charged for the books, and he explained … Continue