Confessions of a Tree Copier

Yup, that was me. The person who swooped in and copied your family tree, word for word. I took your data and called it my own. I’m only now understanding what a colossal bad idea this was, and I’m slowly but surely cleaning up my mess. I’m going back in and actually doing the research … Continue


We finally got a halfway decent weather day and decided it was time to venture further than our backyard. As we left our garage, we explained the rules to the kiddo. She’s one of those kids who is very tactile. She likes to touch everything, especially to pick up and examine things. The rules: No … Continue


It’s like we’re on a death watch, with a dash of “well, maybe” thrown into the mix. We know evil is coming, and it could get bad, but it could also be okay. It’s comedic, yet it’s not. And that’s so messed up. I find myself compulsively checking the news for updates on confirmed diagnoses. … Continue


My dad died six days ago. I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around all of it. He was here and then he wasn’t and it just sucks so much. What’s worse, in my mind, is knowing that as a genealogist, I have to update the various websites. I don’t want to, but I … Continue

Vision(s) for the future

If I could “pin” moments in my life like one can pin stuff in Pinterest, I would have pinned a good chunk of yesterday. A week or so ago, through Facebook comments, I ended up with an invite to visit old friends. I went to high school with K, and we have remained friends throughout … Continue